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All about me


Hi, I’m Jo. I’m 36, I live in Banstead in Surrey, I’m a very proud and devoted mother and I am ecstatic to say that I am living my dream.

I love people, I love making happy memories and I LOVE capturing magic moments on film. I am a hugely passionate photographer deriving endless pleasure from my craft. From meeting clients to setting up photoshoots to the moments where together you smile and I click, to the editing, printing and final production. I adore the whole process.

My journey has been one of following my heart amidst adversity. As a single mother I have pursued my passions relentlessly knowing that true life fulfilment only comes when you follow your dreams. I succeeded in qualifying as a professional photographer with two young children in my late twenties despite the financial and time constraints of my personal circumstances.  The hard work has all been worth it and having worked professionally as a photographer for almost a decade now I still count my blessings every day. I made my wishes come true! 

Now I share my joy and excitement with you to make your wishes come true. It is a great privilege to work with you. I love understanding your personal desires for your photoshoot and creatively working with you to design the ideal plan, the setting, colour scheme, angles, themes, you name it, we’ll discuss it. If you have a strong, clear set idea already then fantastic, if you have a loose concept of what you’d like to capture then I can help fill in the blanks and create a structured flow. Either way we will create stunning end results.  Photography you will fall in love with and go back to time and time again.

The blessings for me come abundantly; the sweet innocence of your children’s smiles, the deep bonds thriving between your family members (or not in the case of some siblings!), the perfection of each shared moment you enjoy together in that one precious fragment of time, never to be repeated, forever to be treasured.

Translating all of this beauty into photographs is the gift I share with you.

I am honoured to have worked with some wonderful families over the years, please do read their heartfelt testimonials

For me, it is a delight to wake up each morning, grab my camera and connect with the charming clients who bound into my life. It will be my absolute pleasure to serve you and I hope we have the opportunity to make some magic together. Let’s talk to discuss your dreams.


My everything.....

My everything.....

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