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What to wear on your photo shoot



It is important to wear clothes that provide you with comfort, as we will be active whilst on location. However, it is just as important that those chosen items make you feel confident. Please also make sure these are items that you wear often so you are not feeling conscious of a change of clothing style. You are being photographed and will want to feel and look your best.


Within your family/group, consider each other’s outfit choices as your chosen colours may clash. Try to avoid wearing overly bright coloured items that would cause one of two of you to stand out further amongst the rest of your family. Unless you are all wearing bright colours and it is a unique kind of look and style that you are trying to achieve. For example, you may all wish to wear red wellington boots. Generally you should aim to wear colours that complement each other. 


Where you can, try to avoid having lots of outfit changes. Other than this being a difficult task when we are outside on location, sometimes changing clothes can cause unnecessary distress to children. Instead, perhaps bring along some accessories that you can add to their outfits, for example, reindeer antlers if your shoot is near the festive season or bunny ears if you choose to have your shoot around spring. You may also want to bring extra props for your whole group, such as umbrella’s, Wellington boots, hats and scarves. 


Matching your colours everywhere!


Consider the colour scheme’s that surround you at home or where you are planning to showcase your family portraits. Then, consider your chosen location and the colours on offer in your background. Keeping these considerations in mind will further aid your final decisions on the clothing items that you wear for your photo shoot. 


Important considerations


Are you planning for your photo shoot to take place in the morning or the afternoon? Be aware of your children/s routines. If your children are of an age where they still benefit from taking a daytime nap, please consider this when arranging the best time of day to suit your whole family.


Think about the changing weather conditions throughout the entire year in the UK.  Location photo shoots take place all year round, from January through to December, with November being my most popular month for photo shoots to date. If you are choosing to have your photo shoot in the winter months when it can be quite cold, then bobble hats, gloves and wellington boots can become quirky props in your photo shoot as well provide you with much needed warmth and protection whilst we roam the countryside, taking and posing for photos. 

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